Documentation Status

Here's my understanding of what's up at 7:00 us pacific time (10:00 east

Sections being worked on:

1 Preface   Jody

2,3,4,5   Adrian

6,7,8,9  Kevin Breit mrproper ximian

10,11: ??

12,13,14: Prof. Guelzow

15: ??

16: let's drop this and re-introduce it right at the begining when we
move to xml and can use the stuff eric beudais is writting. (it's
partially in the new/ dir.) This is just a patch to gnumeric.sgml

18 me unless someone else has time. It needs to sync with the list in
gnumeric currently.

19 okay

20: (post 1.)?) someone who knows perl and autoconf/make, we need to
CAREFULLY split off the script so the index is not made in
that chapter. It's totally useless for now until we restructure to have
more sections:
        Chapter intro (what's a function)
        Category listing
        Alpha listing; <---the script will go here
        The functions.

        btw the script works from func.defs. For the category listing we would
need to add an @CATEGORY to each function in this file. I assume the
file is generated but don't know how.

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