Re: Gnumeric 0.76 experiences (long)

On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 03:30:40PM +0000, Nick Lamb wrote:
I have not found a decent way to find which separator to use.
Any have any ideas ?

In en_GB at least we would expect both "-" and "/" to work since both are
commonly in use here, as is ISO yyyy-mm-dd to a lesser extent. Just in
case you were hoping it was easy :)
These are all supported by default.

and most of the canned formats support / and -
appently not enough.  I'll see if we can change this after 1.0
Looking at the code for this case I see why it's hard but I'm fairly sure
you can recover the same data as Excel. In essence Gnumeric needs to be
willing to programatically create invalid formulae (you can type them in
already, so it's only a small change). Not a vital 1.0 feature anyway I
Not a small change.  Internal data structures assume sanity.  What
you see on the screen or type on the keyboard have robust checking
to ensure that only sane things make their way into the core.  Send
a sample and I'll see what can be done.

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