Re: Excel BIFF plugin

On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 06:08:02PM +0000, Nick Lamb wrote:

I have built an experimental Excel 2.1, 3.0, 4.0 BIFF plugin. Right now

There is an alternative. The similarity of Excel 2.1 BIFF with Excel 2000
BIFF is eerie, they're quite closely related in fact. It might be possible
to re-use ALL the modern BIFF support with the old files. However this
would require re-architecting the existing Excel plug-in and in places
where the OLE and pre-OLE worlds differ violently there would be a lot of
potential to break old files when "improving" the Excel plug-in.

Given XL's lack of consistency when bumping record version numbers
I agree that the most prudent approach will be to keep the pre 5.0
importer distinct from the primary.  Destabilizing it to add support
for ancient files seems to offer more pain than promise.
I might lose interest in this work as more pressing concerns arrive again
but I promise to put whatever gets done up on the web and mail this list
the URL before I put down my tools. Even the skeleton which already exists
could be a life saver for getting old data into Gnumeric.

Lets get it into CVS post 1.0.  I'll advocate keeping the routines
in the same plugin as the main XL, but using a distinct set of
loader hooks.


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