Re: Gnumeric 0.76 experiences (long)

Nick Lamb wrote:

X. Early (non OLE) XLS files, not for 1.0

I understand that these files can still be created today, and that there
might be many millions of them out there.

Well I don't know about millions, but I am sure that some are still out there.

I don't know how seamlessly
they load them into Excel XP, but presumably it can salvage at least the
data (text, grid of float values) and simple formulae.

More than likely.

Of course Microsoft engineers have documentation (well maybe)

Yes they do.  The MS doc on the file format, can be found at

and source code (probably) for earlier implementations to work from. Gnumeric does
not AFAIK have access to anything on this subject. Is anyone already
working on this, or does anyone have insight to share?

Some C and perl code for reading and writing excel files, can be found at
I have not tested it, because I do not have any Excel v2 files.

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