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One solution is to make a convertion sheet, but excel "speeks french"
(not for VBA, but fonctions) so why gnumeric not ? :)
I think this problem is the same for dutch users, spanish ... so what
could we propose ?

I don't have a proposal at hand, but would like to note that you have a
valid point saying that Excel supports it and Gnumeric doesn't. However,
from first-hand experience using the Dutch version of Excel I have to say
that Excel sucks in this respect. Especially when it comes to using English
spreadsheets in a Dutch Excel programme and vice versa. So, if the Gnumeric
developers plan to implement functionality like this, let's hope it will
provide an improvement over Excel in this respect. It is a nasty subject,
since it also involves the queston of thousands separators and the use of a
dot or a comma to indicate numbers below one. The least difficult way would
probably be to stick to the current Gnumeric format and to use conversion
tables for parsing and representing the data depending on the locale


 Walter H. van Holst

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