Re: Locale evolutions

On Thu, Sep 21, 2000 at 01:04:46PM +0200, Eric Seigne wrote:

When i install gnumeric, i've got a big problem with the user,
always the same:
 -> functions are in english !

Okay, everybody can use "SUM(C:C)" ... in french we use "SOMME(C:C)"
SUM -> SOMME it's not very hard, but "SQRT", "Ecart type" and so on !

Your timing is excellent.  The current development tree alot of
work has been done to improve locale support.  It does not yet
support internationalized function names, but that is scheduled to
go in immediately after release this weekend.  The framework to
handle this is in place, all that remains is for us to create a
sample workbook for the translators.  Then they can look up the
locale specific names and fill in the blanks.

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