Locale evolutions

Hello everybody,
my name is Eric, i'm french.

i've sent a mail to Miguel about a serious evolution-problem
of gnumeric. His reply was "this is a big question, please
post it in the list" ... okay, i subscribe to the list, listen
a little ("take the temperature") ... and now here is the post !

When i install gnumeric, i've got a big problem with the user,
always the same:
 -> functions are in english !

Okay, everybody can use "SUM(C:C)" ... in french we use "SOMME(C:C)"
SUM -> SOMME it's not very hard, but "SQRT", "Ecart type" and so on !

One solution is to make a convertion sheet, but excel "speeks french"
(not for VBA, but fonctions) so why gnumeric not ? :)
I think this problem is the same for dutch users, spanish ... so what
could we propose ?

Could a plugin do that ? print "SOMME" (or "SUMME", "SOMMA", "SOMA",
"SUMA") and said to gnumeric core "please calculate SUM" ...

What do you think about that ?

A fait, please excuse my english !

Merci encore
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