Re: truncating error with xls files

On Tue, Sep 05, 2000 at 06:24:07PM -0400, Patrick Berge wrote:

Excel 97 +
FIXME: unicode support unimplemented: truncating

Gnumeric appears to work fine with the simple Excel files I have tried,
but I just wanted to know what is actually truncated?  I looked at the
bug list for this error with no matches. I got the file from a Windows
user so I will have to email him back if someone needs to know what
version of Excel was used.

I guess we should improve that warning.  It is trying to indicate
that the unicode characters are being treated as ascii.  eg we are
using only the low order byte and 'truncating' the upper. This is
almost always a safe bet.  The entire sheet will still load.  At the
very worst some of the characters would be wrong.  However, any
iso-8859-{1-15} based languages will display correctly.

We are beginning to transition to utf8 internally.  When that is
ready we'll be able to remove this restriction.

Hope this helps,

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