Gnumeric from the cvs repository

I'd like to hack on Gnumeric, but I'm having problems with the CVS

Let's say I've formerly set up CVSROOT at the gnome project's CVS
server, I've done cvslogin, and I get the latest gnumeric from the Gnome
cvs repository with

cvs -z3 checkout gnumeric

Later, I want to try to compile the stable branch.  I get it with

cvs -z3 checkout -r GNUMERIC_0_56 -d gnumeric-stable-1.6 gnumeric

Is CVS smart enough to recognise I've already checked gnumeric out, and
only fetch the diffs between the latest repository of gnumeric and
release 0.56?  Or does it just stupidly fetch the whole tree again, even
the files that haven't changed since release 0.56 which I already have? 
I've tried the command and it seems to use a lot of bandwidth.  At this
rate checking out multiple versions of everything could consume a lot of

Jason Stokes: jstok bluedog apana org au

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