Re: Gnumeric from the cvs repository

On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 05:28:19PM +1100, Jason Stokes wrote:
cvs -z3 checkout gnumeric

Later, I want to try to compile the stable branch.  I get it with

cvs -z3 checkout -r GNUMERIC_0_56 -d gnumeric-stable-1.6 gnumeric

Is CVS smart enough to recognise I've already checked gnumeric out, and
only fetch the diffs between the latest repository of gnumeric and
release 0.56?  Or does it just stupidly fetch the whole tree again,

It fetches the whole tree again.  Which is not much of a loss.
Development moves pretty quickly I'd guess that at 80% or more of
the files have been modified.

cvs update is smart enough to only update the files that have
changed.  I generally use a tarball for the stable release to ensure
I see exactly what the distributions use.  Then CVS for development.

Please contact me when you're ready to go, I've can reccomend lots
of projects.

Good Luck,

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