Re: Fixed the spec file

On Wed, Oct 18, 2000 at 07:36:13PM -0400, John Gotts wrote:
I tried to fix the spec file for gnumeric 0.57, but ORBit 0.5.4 breaks 0.57, so
I skipped right to the CVS version of gnumeric.  Could we get a new release out
quickly that rectifies this problem?
What is the problem ?
What does ORBit have to do with the non-bonobo build ?
Here is a spec file which creates an RPM for the CVS version of gnumeric with
bonobo enabled.  There are several fixes which should be applied to the
standard, non-bonobo, spec file, too.  See my changelog entry.
I merged in some of your fixes.  Please note that
1) gnumeric.spec is a generated file
2) diffs are much easier to read.


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