Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] netmeeting problem

> OK I now have ekiga running, registering and I can see everyone :) All is
> good
> from my end,
> But ...
> I am having trouble with my XP friend in Australia. He used to log into
> ils..... and we linked from there, no problem.
> We have tried, but it appears that netmeeting
> will
> not log on and give a list of users.
> Am I right in thinking that is good for SIp & h323 so in theory
> he
> should be able to log on ?

Ekiga now supports H.323 and SIP. If you see users registered on
ldap·, they are SIP users. It doesn't work with Netmeeting, only
with Ekiga and other SIP clients (like SJPhone or X-Lite).

We dropped ILS support, because it was hard to maintain, and there are few
Netmeeting users around. I think the only possibilities left for your
friend and you are :
- Contact using the IP address directly
- Make her/him move to a SIP software, be it Ekiga or any other SIP
implementation for WIN32.


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