Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Errors with PC-to-phone calls

Użytkownik Joseph Wakeling napisał:

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>Further to previous message---I solved the audio problem by changing the
>audio device from "Intel yadda yadda yadda" to "Default".
>However, now, if I try to make a PC-to-phone call, Ekiga sounds a
>ringtone once or twice before I am connected to an
>intended-to-be-soothing voice that says, "Try to call again later", and
>promptly cuts me off.
>So, can anyone advise on what the problem is?
Look like account provider or setup problem. BTW there is better 2.0.2
version, I personally have had problems with 2.0.1 after installing
2.0.2 and changing VoIP provider it simply works ;)

Run Ekiga with -d4 option (debug), redirect debug to a file and then
look into file for call setup/progress messages. If everything looks
fine check account setup at your provider.


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