Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Common address book

Damien Sandras a �it :
I have had private e-mail exchanges with one person who thinks that
having a common address book shared by GNOME applications like Ekiga and
Evolution is a bad idea, and that it would be better to have a separate
address book for Ekiga and a separate one for Evolution.

What are the arguments ?

He also thinks that I am not following the advice of my users and that I
impose my own view of the project without taking into account external
ideas. (The same rant about the new name was mentioned again).

You did ask for external advice on whether to change the name, and asked for external ideas on which to choose once it was decided. And as a project, I find we generally hear what the users ask. Granted, we do not always follow through, for various reasons (we don't like the idea, it sounds too complex, it is a bad idea, ...)...

Unfair rant !

So I would like to do a quick poll on the mailing list.
Please choose a), b) or c) :
a) I think that it is better to have a common address book for all
applications if possible

I vote for this one. Notice that the best way to make interaction possible/easy is: 1) make as much as possible of ekiga available from outside, so the rest of the desktop can make use of it ; that means making sure things will play well when invoked from outside should be a first thought, not come after everything is laid out and implemented 2) make ekiga as modular as possible, with nice generic interfaces between the modules, so that when some standard appears in one area, we drop our home-made module and use the standard instead

Snark on #ekiga

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