[GnomeMeeting-list] Common address book


I have had private e-mail exchanges with one person who thinks that
having a common address book shared by GNOME applications like Ekiga and
Evolution is a bad idea, and that it would be better to have a separate
address book for Ekiga and a separate one for Evolution.

He also thinks that I am not following the advice of my users and that I
impose my own view of the project without taking into account external
ideas. (The same rant about the new name was mentioned again).

So I would like to do a quick poll on the mailing list. 

Please choose a), b) or c) :
a) I think that it is better to have a common address book for all
applications if possible
b) I think it is better that all applications have their own address
book, I don't want my contacts to be shared between the different
applications I am using
c) I do not care.

 _      Damien Sandras
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