Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Re: Connecting to Netmeeting which is on a home network

On Sunday 15 May 2005 08:13, Damien Sandras wrote:

> Netmeeting can not go through NAT.
> However, if your GnomeMeeting is correctly setup to go through NAT, they
> can call you, and GM will help NM go transparently through the NAT
> router.
> So I would suggest you to setup your GM according to the FAQ (NAT test,
> and following the result, different actions) and ask them to call you.

Damien, you'll have to excuse me but my 67 year old mind doesn't seem to work 
as well as it used to.  I don't have a router but a direct connection to the 
internet.  The NAT test tells me I have nothing to do but pass on to the next 
screen.  How does GM help me penetrate the NAT in front of their machine?

> It won't always work, because NM is not able to do H.245 Tunneling, so
> sometimes the call will fail, but tehre is unfortunately no way to
> prevent that.

My experience so far is that it has never worked.

> I would suggest them to use MyPhone instead. It doesn't go 
> through NAT, but it supports H.245 Tunneling, so GM will be able to help
> it fully to go through the NAT.

I recall trying MyPhone and had problems with that as well.  Can't recall just 
what they were but will try again.

If and when a Windows version of GM is released will it resolve my problem?  
I've a 6 week old grand-daughter who lives 300 miles (about 500km) away so 
the only way to watch her progress on a regular basis is through 
videoconferencing.  And I really HATE having to reboot into Windows with all 
its attendant headaches.


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