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Jouni Lohikoski iki fi wrote:
On Tue, May 03, 2005 at 09:14:12PM +0000, Conrad Beckert wrote:

Am Dienstag, 3. Mai 2005 10:45 schrieb Jouni Lohikoski iki fi:

, Skype will have bigger and bigger userbase
and more steady position as a de facto standard video conferencing

Skype, Video??? I must have missed the news :-) As far as I know, and from what's on Skype's website, it is audio only.

You are right, my mistake. But nevertheless, Skype is the de facto
IP-phone and the masses just wait patiently when they will support video
too. Do not doubt it won't happen.

We are late, perhaps too late, already.<

No, early :-) Gnomemeetings main competitors are Yahoo! MSN "videocats". It would have to show, that it does the job better.

You cannot say early, as there is no working NAT compatible GM for MS Windows
currently. I guess they use Yahoo and MSN videochat nowadays. But the
userbase for Skype is huge and growing fast. When video feature is
integrated to that, there is no point having GM for Windows anymore.

// jouni


I think you have not understood that the point is that GM uses standards like SIP and H323 and such so that GM is compatible with other programs and hardware phones. It is like with an GSM phone so can you call from an Ericsson to an Nokia phone becouse they use standards.

Phone companies do not support Skype they support SIP/H323 for the reson that Skype is a total vendor lockin se:

They do not want to be in a vendor lockin situation and I can understand that wery well.

So please do not advertise Skype, becouse of it's secret protocol nature so is it a danger to the future of Internet as we know it today. If all protocols started to be like skype eg. no standard and everyting secret then the point of Internet will die and the communication will only work with a few vendors/programs in the future that all have become dependent on. Instead support standard and open protocols to make sure we have a open Internet in the future as well. This is an issue not only for open source it is an issue for everybody that uses Internet.

Thanks Johnny

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