[GnomeMeeting-list] New user seeks info on Netmeeting, Yahoo Messenger, and AIM

After several days of trial and error (mostly error), I think I have finally 
figured out how to use gnomemeeting to connect to netmeeting.  Think, because 
I won't have a chance to try it out until tonight though an extensive search 
through this mailing list's archives suggests there shouldn't be a problem.

Before I really understood what I was doing, I registered a Yahoo email  
address on ils.seconix.com.  I now realize that I should have used my regular 
email address.  How do I do about deleting the first one as I feel bad about 
cluttering up the server.

My search of the mailing list archives showed very few references to Yahoo but 
those suggested that Yahoo messenger would not work with gnomemeeting.  Is 
this correct?

What about AIM.  The latest AIM release supports video.  Does anyone know if 
this works with gnomemeeting?

If you're wondering why I'm trying all three the answer is simple.  I haven't 
been able to wean my kids off Windows and since they live several hundred 
miles away having gnomemeeting work with one or preferably more than one of 
these is a good way of watching my grand-kids grow up - the latest is just a 
month old.  I simply don't trust MS not to do something to screw up 

Thanks in advance, 


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