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Craig Southeren a écrit :


At various times, I have done small pieces of work on getting
PWLib/OpenH323 to compile in the CygwinX environment.

It really is just like Linux - just run "autoconf", then "./configure",
then "make". For me, it gets about halfway through PWLib and then stops
due to some issues in the socket code. These look pretty simple to fix,
but I've just not had time to get back to them.

For those who are looking for something to do that would help move along
Windows development, fixing this would be a good place to start.
And that's exactly where I'm stopped (PwLib). I start from scratch to build GM with the cookbook we got from Xavier.


No, you can't use the free C++ from MS. They are some library missing that ... you have to buy :-(. End of november 2004 it was a discussion about w32 portage.

I tried Cygwin, Mingw, cross compile but never could get a complete compilation. I'm still trying to get PwLib compile but without luck till now. I have a 6.0 Visual C++ env on a W2k computer.

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