[GnomeMeeting-list] Re: iSight and GnomeMeeting?


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> Dear Damien,
> I wish to use this software for videoconferencing but the problem is I
> don't know really how to make it recognize my iSight. I need to provide
> a path in the settings in order for it to detect the iSight working on
> the FireWire port. I was wondering if you could help me to solve this
> little problem...
> I guess it would be a privilege for me to receive your attention and I
> am sorry for any inconvenience you can experienced from receiving this
> e-mail adding one line more in your mail box.
> Configuration: PowerBook G4 with FireWire ports. GnomeMeeting has been
> installed via Fink on my platform.

I'm redirecting that mail to the mailing list because I have no idea how
to achieve this. The main problem is that you want to run GnomeMeeting
directly over Mac OS X and I don't know how Firewire support can be
enabled in such a case. I'm not even sure it is possible. It would
certainly be possible with GnomeMeeting running on Linux PPC.

> Thank you very much.
> With regards,
> Raf.
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