Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] checking conversation state from script

Damien, thanks for the tip. Although no UDP ports are open by GM, just TCP ones...

#netstat -tp | grep gnomemeeting

returns that a call has been established on port 30002 (with the robot), but during the call #netstat -u returns nothing.

Is this ok? I mean, it answers my question because allows me to check whether a GM call is taken place, but it is weird that there are no open UDP ports...


Damien Sandras wrote:

It will be possible when DBUS support will be finalized, but you could
also use netstat to see if any UDP ports are open by GnomeMeeting. If they
are, then there is a call going on.

Hi, it is possible to know from a script whether a conversation is
taking place in GM?

I want to set a daemon up that checks every now and then if a
conversation is taking place in a pc dedicated to videoconferencing, if
not then the speakers are enabled (in order to hear if somebody calls).


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