[GnomeMeeting-list] GM and wireless

I am running GM 1.2.1 in a FC4 pc with kernel 2.6.12-1.1387_FC4. This pc (a desktop one) has a Netgear WC311 usb wifi network card, with a ndiswrapper 1.2.0 driver. The wifi works ok with all apps, and GM works ok when not working on wireless (and with a fixed ip assigned). When mixing the two (gm & wifi), I assign in the router a fixed ip address for this pc, and forward all packets to port 1720 to the port 1720 on this fixed ip. I also run GM's druid and configure thru it the NAT support. Then I have no problems calling the robot at h323.voxgratia.org. But when somebody calls me (by calling the router), I can see its video and hear it for a few seconds, but then the wifi driver goes nuts, it loses route information ($route just freezes),and I am no longer able to make wifi work without restarting the pc (ifdown and ifup simply freeze).

This could be either
- a problem with the wifi driver (in that case I would like to know of other usb card that works well with FC and GM, and I will buy it) - a problem with my setting of NAT, in that case I will appreciate any help :)


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