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Am Freitag, 25. Februar 2005 14:42 schrieb michel memeteau:
> you are gonna laugh , it s even worst than that , I think they only have
> G711 or maybe GSM , for the moment when I call in an australian PSTN ( it s
> unlimited free ) it s using G711 , so it could be impossible for a dialup
> to call PSTN .... By the way I don t understand why they dont use an open
> IPBX as they are the guy from Linspire and phongaim and stuff ..... and
> they proned opening SIP devices against vonage....
> A lot of people have asked on their forum but no reason was given .....
> BTW , could you point me to other SIP clients ??? Xlite on linux is really
> ....beta .....

There are good reasons to use G.711:
Low complexity - modern, high efficient codecs use a lot of computing power, 
so if you want to do a lots of channels, you have to trade bandwith for low 
complexity. Especially Speex needs a lot of cpu power ...
High quality - if you are providing a PSTN gateway, you want to have the best 
possible narrowband codec - and G.711 is your choice then. Even the best 
modern codecs will give a (unnoticeable) worse quality.
Fax transparency - G.711 is the only codec you can transfer Fax over 
Low latency - if you dont care about bandwith, G.711 gives you the lowest 



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