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Le jeudi 21 avril 2005 à 22:14 +0200, Bruno Hertz a écrit :

> Very nice altogether. Allow me to make a few remarks (after reading
> through it myself remark number (v) probably making the most sense).
> (i)
> I'm happy you picked up the idea to show some info about the life
> connection (codec). I think though that it'd be wise to move it to an
> info window/tab, like the statistics already is. Especially, look like
> that status info takes valuable space away from the video tab. OK, the
> video might not be dynamically resizable, so you could argue because
> of fixed resolution it doesn't really take away space, but I still
> think that's the kind of stuff a user needs only to see when
> explicitly requested.

That's a good idea, but I fear having an explosion of tabs. Actually, I
added it there because it was requested by another user I think. That
information is already present in the general history window, so perhaps
having it in a tab doesn't bring much more than keeping it in the

So the choice would be to keep it, or remove it.

> Another question: wouldn't be the in/out codec the same? I can not
> recall a situation where they weren't, and am not proficient enough on
> the protocols to know whether that's actually possible, so if it is
> please excuse my ingorance.

The best is when it is the same, but it is not necessarily the case.

> (ii)
> Well, this remark is probably redundant, but in the order of tabs the
> statistics, or any purely informational tab, should probably be about
> last. If I had to comment on the importance and order of tabs, I'd say
> it'd be something like
>  - Server list with registration status, active calls
>  - Dialpad
>  - Audio
>  - Video
>  - Contact list
>  - Info or Stats

ok for this, I also planned to put the dialpad first, but having the
statistics last is probably the most logical.

> I can't actually comment on the audio tab though since you didn't show
> it, but I guess it contains volume control (?)

yes, as it is now.

> Also, I again recommend taking a look at SJphone. It's organization is
> rather nice, i.e.
>  - active server/calls
>  - missed calls
>  - received calls
>  - dialed calls
>  - local (don't know what that means)
>  - contacts
>  - info

But it would be hard to place video in that design.

> plus, and this is the winner, for each of these 'tabs' a hideable info
> window at the bottom. I think that design is really cool and very
> clean. It's similar by the way to the current 'open control panel'
> feature in GM, which as of now unfortunately also hides tab selection
> and maybe should rather be called 'show video only' or something like
> that.
> (iii)
> Regarding use cases, and coming more from the softphone angle, I don't
> know how much of effort it is to implement, and regard this as a
> feature request for release 30097.12rc1 if you will, but the ability
> to put calls on hold and having several lines to talk on would really
> be great.

Calls hold is already possible, several lines support is planned for
2.2. It is mandatory if we want to be better than current proprietary

> E.g. SJphone/XLite/Iaxcomm allow this, and surely one really common
> scenario is that you get a call while being in another. The ability to
> pick that call up and switch between lines would be a really great
> enhancement.
> Of course this would imply an interface to do this, like an active
> calls list.
> (iv)
> I've already implied this above, but it would really be great to not
> only see the number of servers I'm registered on, but also which,
> i.e. their names, and the registration status.

Ctrl-E, Accounts window, I've no screenshot yet.

> (v)
> In my view very important: in your descriptions above you seem to
> always assume a user somehow 'sticks' to a tab, like the video user
> just wanting to see video and codec info. I feel that is intrinsically
> wrong. The video user will most of the time look at the video, then
> maybe switch to another tab to see codec info or other stats for a
> short time, than, if possible, switch to an active call tab if another
> call comes in to maybe deny it, then switch back to video and so
> forth.

Of course, I'm talking about the default case. As you say, "most of the
time", the dialpad will be irrelevant for him, which doesn't prevent him
to access it.

> The same applies to 'softphone' or all kinds of users. For example the
> dialpad is rather rarely used when in a call, that is only to send
> dtmf, which doesn't happen very often. I.e. I think you really should
> abandon the idea that some user of some profile would want all he
> needs in one window or tab available at all times, because it's very
> easy to switch tabs after all. Rather, it's much more important to
> properly organize features and information in a clean way, so that the
> user always knows where he needs to go to for a particular feature or
> kind of information, and can quickly do so.


> OK, I'll leave it at that. I'm aware that I'm just wildly throwing
> stuff at you, but I specifically feel that GM also could really profit
> from looking at the 'competitors' either. It may take time to digest
> and properly organize all the ideas and approaches, but I'm convinced
> it's time very well spent.

To summarize the idea above, what would you change?

> Also, if you could somehow make that use cases available, it might
> help to get a clearer picture on how you/we/others think common call
> scenarios look like and help the discussion. I would understand though
> if you don't want to stretch the discussion too far, since all this of
> course could easily lead into utter confusion.
> Finally, thanks for allowing us to comment on your ideas and the
> direction GM will take.
> Regards, Bruno.
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