Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Abnormal call termination

Le vendredi 22 octobre 2004 à 09:25 -0500, Vasileios Gkanis a écrit :
> Thank you Damien for your reply.
> My friend does not have a NAT router or a firewall and he also has installed 
> the MS-GSM codec. Next time I will tell him to use the G.711 codec.

Ok, but what about you?
Have you checked that MS-GSM was really used using the general history?

> I also tried to use a couple of different codecs from the list, but none 
> worked.

Netmeeting is limited to MS-GSM, G.711, Speex (using GnomeMeeting CVS
and a patch to Netmeeting). Another solution would be to ask your friend
to install MyPhone from which is better
than Netmeeting from what I've heard.

> About the "Abnormal Call Termination", what more informations do you need? 
> Also, in the preferences, "terminate calls after 30 seconds if no data
>  is received" is not checked!

Then that's a network problem. Make sure he is not on 56k dialup (or
you) and trying to send/receive video.

It it happens you can mail me the output of:
gnomemeeting -d 3 > output.txt 2>&1 

> Thank you,
> Vasilis

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