Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Abnormal call termination


We don't have enough information to be efficient.

In general "Abnormal Call Termination" happens if you do not receive
audio and video after a given amount of time. You can disable it in the
preferences, call options, "terminate calls after 30 seconds if no data
is received".

Most of the time it is due to bandwidth problems, or to a badly
configured NAT router or firewall.

The fact that you were not able to hear him is probably due to :
- a badly configured NAT router or firewall
- no common codec. Ask him to install MS-GSM (see
or to enable G.711. The CVS version of GnomeMeeting also works with
Speex for windows.

I think that the problem is the second one in your case as you are able
to see eachother.

Le jeudi 21 octobre 2004 à 17:34 -0500, Vasileios Gkanis a écrit :
> Hi,
> I was trying to talk to  a friend of mine, who is using Netmeeting and after a 
> couple of minutes the connection was terminated with the above message.
> Moreover, although I was able to see him and he was able to see me, I was not 
> able to hear him. Actually, I heard him only  a couple of times, but he never 
> heard me. In the meantime the status bar was showing that I was transmitting 
> audio data!!!
> When I was speaking to the microphone I could hear myself from the speakers.
> I have KDE 3.3.0 and alsa. The sound is controlled by the daemon artsd. Could 
> artsd be the reason?
> Thank you,
> Vasilis
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