Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Problems when loading up Gnomemeeting.

You have to wait for it to unregister from ILS. There is a timeout.

Le 7/3/2004, "George" <geboyd netzero net> a écrit:

>I don't know if this is your problem or not. But sometimes when I run GM
>and then exit it, it appears to exit but it is actually still running
>and I have to kill the process before GM will come up again.
>On Sat, 2004-03-06 at 20:44 -0800, quaff wrote:
>> For some reason when I load up gnomemeeting, it just stalls and doesn't load
>> up at all. When I try to run it in console, it does the same thing doesn't
>> give any type of error output or anything at all, I do not know why its doing
>> this, it just sits there and does nothing. Anyone have this problem or know
>> how to fix it?
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