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That's something you can also do with gnomemeeting, however, we don't
have enough machines and bandwidth to host multiconferences. Apple has
such an infrastructure though :-/

Le dim, 11/07/2004 à 08:26 +0200, Marc Manthey a écrit :
> hy kilian,
> great to hear that sound  reasonble to me.
> I know "OhPhoneX" but it seems like the project is not moving that fast.
> I am very  interested to get "gnomeMeeting" running  on OSX  and  i am 
> sure
> after the  last keynote , where steve  jobs  presented  his new  "ichat"
> <> where you can audiochat 
> with
> 10!!! and  viceochatup to  3 others it could  be  a great alternative.
> Hopefully there is a way  to find  an quicktime coder, i could`t find 
> anybody in germany.
> regards
> talk soon
> marc
> On 10.07.2004, at 18:13, Kilian Krause wrote:
> So if there's a willing and capable quicktime coder for MOSX, maybe the
> code of OhPhoneX can be transferred into a working pwlib-plugin that
> will do the video input like the BSD video, or the V4L/AVC/DC plugins
> for Linux.
> Julien might be able to give you a helping hand with the plugins system,
> in case you need further assistance in getting the plugin api wrapped
> around the mosx quicktime functions of ohpohnex.
> However after the initial setup is done, a buildshell would be nice to
> get some frequently requested packaging going. If that shell can be perm
> and full root, then we might even include it into the buildd process of
> automagic cvs packaing.
> Thus whoever has some reasonable new yet unneeded (building should be
> faster than some 10 hours for pwlib,openh323,gnomemeeting) hardware of
> non-i386 (not only ppc, but also others, like alpha, sparc, arm, mips,
> mipsel etc.) to support this project, please contact me.
 _      Damien Sandras
(o-     GnomeMeeting:
//\     FOSDEM      :
v_/_    H.323 phone : seconix com

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