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Thanks for the generous offer, I'm sure Kilian will find somebody to do
the initial work. Unfortunately, video transmission is not possible
without writing a specific OSX plugin for gnomemeeting/pwlib and that is
something that can very hardly be done remotely, so if you know somebody
who could do it and who owns a GX, don't hesitate to ask him.

Le sam, 10/07/2004 à 17:31 +0200, Marc Manthey a écrit :
> hello all,
> and  thanks  for  your  support. I am running  a G3/400MHZ pismo with 1 
> GB ram:-)
> and OSX server 10.34 but i got an G4 in the  next days.
> I have a <> kritter usb cam and a <> driver 
> installed
> with a patch from <>
> with this  pach i can run ichat with usb still under 600 MHZ:-)
> i have a static ip <> and  apache  running
> What you mean vserver option? it is i think
> greetings
> marc
> " who is willingly try to get the MOSX shell going" ;-))))
> On 10.07.2004, at 16:45, Kilian Krause wrote:
> Hi Marc,
> Am Sa, den 10.07.2004 schrieb Damien Sandras um 16:31:
> > Le sam, 10/07/2004 à 16:26 +0200, Marc Manthey a écrit :
> >> great work michel
> >>
> >> now  i need gnomemeeting for osx:-(.
> >>
> >> Damien said
> >> <
> >> msg00172.html>
> >>
> >> "if somebody wants to do a donation, we will gladly accept it"
> >> where do i have  to donate to get a version for  osx? is 50 euro 
> >> enough?
> >>
> >> regards
> >>
> >
> > I was talking about a machine... I don't have a Mac computer and don't
> > plan to buy one anytime soon. the ideal would be that someone with
> > enough knowledge does the required work to have a binary package ready,
> > even if it is non-native.
> >
> > Thanks for the proposition though!
> a Powerpc machine with MacOS X and a sufficient, permanent internet
> connection would be sufficient however. No need to go buy a new one. I'm
> not sure what's the options of running a virtual server inside MOSX, but
> if that's not possible i guess there'll be few way around a full
> ssh-root-access to install/uninstall packages and do the testing. Yet
> however that doesn't make any MOSX coder available. But maybe Julien or
> someone else from the GM team would be willingly try to get the MOSX
> shell going, as soon as we have one (not having one does not even render
> the option of finding someone).
> So as long as there's no VServer option known to MOSX you might not
> consider that for your private PC. As soon as someone does have a
> PPC-based machine that's obsoleted, please contact me (for DE) or Damien
> (in BE), so we can arrange the ISP housing.
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