[GnomeMeeting-list] works with OSS drivers on Debian 2.4.21 kernel but not Knoppix 2.4.22

I've got the latest Knoppix( v3.3 ) that won't run
GnomeMeeting with the default OSS drivers and the ALSA
drivers don't work at all(no sounds). What is strange
is that a while ago, I installed Debian(Knoppix v3.0)
on a workstation and GnomeMeeting works just fine and
it's running the default OSS drivers.

On the latest Knoppix/Debian system, GnomeMeeting says
that the sound device is not accessable....

I used apt-get to update GnomeMeeting on the working
installation and all is still fine. Does anybody have
any ideas where this is breaking? It just seems like a
configuration issue when it works on one system and
not on another. Then again, the OSS drivers might have
changed from the 2.4.21 kernel to the 2.4.22...

Help. :-/  TIA.

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