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Are you behind a NAT gateway? Or did your IP change after you registered
the first time?

Le ven, 02/04/2004 à 16:09 -0600, John a écrit :

> Damien Sandras
> It's installed, sound seems OK - got a message from port 1720, don't 
> have cam - will buy when I get the rest working.
> I've read and read everything, but as usual the answers are probably in 
> front of me.  I've just got a dial-up modem, plain computer running FC1, 
> no networking of any sort, and no knowledge of networking.
> The server is set for ils.seconix.com, and registration is enabled, but 
> when I get into the Address Book an hit Find, I get the message saying I 
> have to register. When I try other things, a User is Busy message is 
> displayed, and there have been plenty of disgruntled beeps about the 
> LDAP server.
> That's where I am.  Is there any hope?
> Regards,
> John Good

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