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I've checked Quicknet cards brochure, and G729A is supported.
However the Quicknet card looks expensive.
If a software codec is not available I'll try Asterisk.
Any help with the configuration will be welcomed.

BTW a software G.729 codec appears to be available for Asterisk
from Digium.
I wonder if that same codec can be used by GnomeMeeting. (?)


Damien Sandras wrote:

Le lun 16/06/2003 à 15:56, Andrea Cerioli a écrit :

Hi there,

I've successfully installed GnomeMeeting and configured it
as an extension of our company CISCO ITS PBX (a 1751 with dual ISDN BRI).

Nice :)

It works only with G711, since it seems that CISCO supports G.726 only
on 5300 gateways, and so G711 is the only common codec for CISCO ITS
and GnomeMeeting.

I could u$e G729, but it's not clear to me, from the docs, whether this
codec can be supported in Gnomemeeting.

I think Quicknet cards support it, it should thus be usable with
GnomeMeeting and a Quicknet card (G.723.1 is usable for sure). If you
are interested, I can check at home that it works.

I would pay for a G.729 license if it was supported in GnomeMeeting.

The only other possible solution might be installing an ASTERISK pbx
as an H.323 voice peer on the same LAN of the CISCO ITS.
Then I could talk speex  from Gnomemeeting to Asterisk, and G711 from
Asterisk to CISCO ITS, but this looks too complicated to me and I'd
prefer to plug a G.729 codec (with DTMF relay) into GnomeMeeting.

I understand.

However, should this be the only possible solution, is there anybody
that already did something similar and can send me the Asterisk
configuration files? (sorry for the near-off-topic).

I think Truong (in cc) has done something similar. He can recontact you
offline if it is the case.

Any suggestion/solution will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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