[GnomeMeeting-list] GnomeMeeting 0.98 Strings Freeze

Hello to all,

I'm e-mailing you because GnomeMeeting 0.98 is scheduled to be released next week. 
The strings freeze starts now, and will end on Sunday midnight, Brussels time

GnomeMeeting 0.98 is probably the last unstable release before we enter
the 1.00 Betas period, and I think it would be great if most of you could
start updating the translations. I don't think many strings will change
in 1.00 Betas, probably only some fuzzy strings due to capitalization
changes or added mnemonics, so nothing hard to fix.

Thanks a lot,
 _	Damien Sandras
(o-	GnomeMeeting: http://www.gnomemeeting.org/
//\	FOSDEM 2003:  http://www.fosdem.org
v_/_	H.323 phone:  callto://ils.seconix.com/dsandras seconix com

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