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Le lun 16/06/2003 à 15:56, Andrea Cerioli a écrit :
> Hi there,
> I've successfully installed GnomeMeeting and configured it
> as an extension of our company CISCO ITS PBX (a 1751 with dual ISDN BRI).

Nice :)

> It works only with G711, since it seems that CISCO supports G.726 only
> on 5300 gateways, and so G711 is the only common codec for CISCO ITS
> and GnomeMeeting.
> I could u$e G729, but it's not clear to me, from the docs, whether this
> codec can be supported in Gnomemeeting.

I think Quicknet cards support it, it should thus be usable with
GnomeMeeting and a Quicknet card (G.723.1 is usable for sure). If you
are interested, I can check at home that it works.

> I would pay for a G.729 license if it was supported in GnomeMeeting.
> The only other possible solution might be installing an ASTERISK pbx
> as an H.323 voice peer on the same LAN of the CISCO ITS.
> Then I could talk speex  from Gnomemeeting to Asterisk, and G711 from
> Asterisk to CISCO ITS, but this looks too complicated to me and I'd
> prefer to plug a G.729 codec (with DTMF relay) into GnomeMeeting.

I understand.

> However, should this be the only possible solution, is there anybody
> that already did something similar and can send me the Asterisk
> configuration files? (sorry for the near-off-topic).

I think Truong (in cc) has done something similar. He can recontact you
offline if it is the case.

> Any suggestion/solution will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Andrea.
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