Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Connecting gatekeeper and gnomemeeting

Le lun 02/06/2003 à 14:00, murugesan a écrit :
> Hello,

> This is what I first asked.How to make the registration and specification of alias.
> That is
>              1)How can I register with an alias?
>              2)How can I specify the alias?
>              3)How can I call the alias?

I had answered this a few mails ago.

> >Go in
> >the preferences in the gatekeeper section, then either choose
> >"automatically discover", or give the gatekeeper host name and choose
> >"gatekeeper host", then specify the "alias", then click on "Apply".
> >From this message it seems that after installing Gatekeeper do we have a
> window (like gnomemeeting-since u specified "CLICK APPLY").I am not
> seeing any window related to Gatekeeper.

No, it is in GnomeMeeting!!
If you want to make GnomeMeeting register to a Gatekeeper, it is of
course in the GnomeMeeting preferences that you have to indicate the
gatekeeper name and alias.

> Sorry for (the frequent disturbance)I'm very much distressed.

No problem, btw, you didn't answer yet to the question that kilian asked
last week about the work of your colleagues on GnomeMeeting ;)
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