Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Connecting gatekeeper and gnomemeeting

Le lun 02/06/2003 à 12:13, murugesan a écrit :
> Hello,
>          My goal is that I have two machines( &
> each having gnomemeeting installed. Usually we have to
> connect these gnomemeeting applications by specifying " at
> one end and then clicking connect at the other end".
>          I read that a gatekeeper can be used for address translation.My
> questions are  
>          1)How can I specify names for each end.( 193 , 143 machines)

You can do that when you register to the gatekeeper : "alias".

>          2) Using that names I(configure) use Gatekeeper in such a way
> that gnomemeeting uses the gatekeeper.

I don't understand this.

>                        or
>          3)How can I make both endpoints register with a given alias to
> the gatekeeper and then call the alias. 

Not very hard or counter-intuitive but I'll explain step by step. Go in
the preferences in the gatekeeper section, then either choose
"automatically discover", or give the gatekeeper host name and choose
"gatekeeper host", then specify the "alias", then click on "Apply".

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