Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Connecting gatekeeper and gnomemeeting


> Just make 2 GnomeMeeting client register with an alias to the
> gatekeeper, then call the other one using its alias. There is nothing
> complicated there!
This is what I first asked.How to make the registration and specification of alias.
That is
             1)How can I register with an alias?
             2)How can I specify the alias?
             3)How can I call the alias?

>Go in
>the preferences in the gatekeeper section, then either choose
>"automatically discover", or give the gatekeeper host name and choose
>"gatekeeper host", then specify the "alias", then click on "Apply".

>From this message it seems that after installing Gatekeeper do we have a
window (like gnomemeeting-since u specified "CLICK APPLY").I am not
seeing any window related to Gatekeeper.

Sorry for (the frequent disturbance)I'm very much distressed.

             murugesan visolve com

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