[GnomeMeeting-list] Quicknet PhoneCARD / Gnomemeeting 0.96 Help!

 Hello All,
 I have a Quicknet Phone CARD (PCMCIA) on my Linux Laptop (redHat 8.0 -- 2.4.19 openh323,pwlib and ixj drivers installed) and I am trying to make a call in my local network (I dont have a MicroTelco account), using gnomemeeting 0.96
 I am not able to get the analog phone work with gnomemeeting.
 Under "Audio Devices" configuration in gnomemeeting, I could select /dev/phone for Audio recording and plyaback.
 The remote end is gnomemeeting without a Quicknet Card, using typical headphones/speakers.
 I find that when I make a call, Video works fine, but audio on the telephone wouldnt work.
 What could i be missing? If you have any pointers to isolate the problem, it would be greatly appreciated.
 Thanks in advance.
 SETUP -->
 Linux 2.4.19 (Redhat 8.0)



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