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On Fri, Feb 21, 2003 at 04:04:17PM -0800, niranjan sraamerica com wrote:
>  Hello All,
>  I have a Quicknet Phone CARD (PCMCIA) on my Linux Laptop (redHat 8.0 -- 2.4.19 openh323,pwlib and ixj drivers installed) and I am trying to make a call in my local network (I dont have a MicroTelco account), using gnomemeeting 0.96
>  I am not able to get the analog phone work with gnomemeeting.

What do you mean?
Do you have the dialtone or not?

>  Under "Audio Devices" configuration in gnomemeeting, I could select /dev/phone for Audio recording and plyaback.
>  The remote end is gnomemeeting without a Quicknet Card, using typical headphones/speakers.
>  I find that when I make a call, Video works fine, but audio on the telephone wouldnt work.
>  What could i be missing? If you have any pointers to isolate the problem, it would be greatly appreciated.
>  Thanks in advance.

I need to know if you have a dialtone or not. If you have no dialtone, then I suggest you to use the IXJ SDK from and to test if you have one or not.
Does your phone ring when somebody calls you?
If you have no dialtone, and no ring, then perhaps your phone is not compatible?

I need more information. Notice that there is also a quicknet drivers mailing list with people more experimented than me for driver installation problems. Obviously the driver here is correctly installed.

Noticed alos that the CVS of openh323 contains a new driver called nixj of better quality.

In all cases, I need more information.

>  SETUP -->
>  Linux 2.4.19 (Redhat 8.0)
>  gnomemeeting-0.96.0-2
>  openh323-1.11.2-3
>  pwlib-1.4.7-3
>  ixj-1.2.1
>  Regards,
>  Niranjan
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