Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Multiple settings for GM and voipblaster problem

On Thu, 2003-02-20 at 18:51, Damien Sandras wrote:
> Hi Malcolm,
> Le jeu 20/02/2003 �7:37, Malcolm Caldwell a �it :
> > I run GM on my laptop.  My configuration changes according to different
> > situations.  I have gm in my gnome session which I think is a great
> > feature.
> > 
> Me too :)
> > Sometimes I have a voipblaster plugged in
> > Sometimes I have a webcam plugged in
> > Sometimes I am connected to the net, but sometimes I am not.  Sometimes
> > I start un-connected and later connect.
> > 
> > I am registering to a gatekeeper and ils.  The main problem is gm pops
> > heaps of windows saying it could not connect to the gatekeeper/ils
> > server etc.  This happens again and again is is quite annoying.
> > 
> > Also, as sometimes I have a voipblaster and sometimes I do not I need to
> > change my audio device manually each time.
> > 
> What you would like is having the possibility to configure profiles like
> in the terminal?

Yes - that would help.

What would also help is support for falling back - it use /dev/phone0 is
available else fall back to /dev/dsp0.

>  That is an interesting feature, yes. I plan to add
> profile support in the future, but perhaps not in the near future, ie
> perhaps not before 1.00. 
> > Of note for the voipblaster: it works, but it only supports g723.1.  In
> > GM with the voipblaster connected all the audio codecs are listed as
> > available even though in reality they are not.  I usually go and unclick
> > the checkboxes but that is a pain to do each time.
> You do not need to unclick the checkboxes, you can let them clicked. If
> you can confirm me that you don't need to unclick them, I will gray them
> out when Software codecs are not available, so that they keep the same
> state (clicked or not) when you are using your soundcard again.

I guess I don't need them unchecked - I can connect OK.

The problem with using voipblasters is that using one you cannot connect
to non voipblaster/quicknet users as voipblasters only do g723.1.  In
fact that is not completely correct - you can connect - you just can't
talk! :)

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