Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting 0.96 video crash

Le lun 10/02/2003 à 22:47, p l a écrit :
> Il sab, 2003-02-08 alle 08:05, Damien Sandras ha scritto:


> Hi Damien
> thank you for your reply.
> I tried to follow your instructions and I verified that my router
> doesn't support NAT, because nothing works if I don't enable IP
> translation.
> So, I enabled IP translation and forwarded 1720, 5000-5003 and
> 30000-30002 ports (I have no more room into router internal feature and
> I modified tcp_port_range accordingly).
> It seems I have to enable h.245 tunneling and fast start also, else
> calls don't start correctly. I tried all combinations.
That is not normal. When you enable H.245 Tunneling, you spare one port,
however it should work with or without it, so that indicates another

> However, after the call has started, I receive video only for two or
> tree minutes, while audio continues to come regularly.

First of all, are you sure the problem is on your side? 
You should try to go on IRC,, #gnomemeeting and ask for a
live test to test your configuration.

> Have I to change my router?

Possibily, possibly not, I don't know where the problem is. First make
sure the problem is on your side, if you can be sure of that, run
gnomemeeting with --debug=3 as option and send me (privately to not
overload the list) the output.
> Regards and thanks again for your attention.
> Pierluigi Contotti
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