Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting 0.96 video crash

Le ven 07/02/2003 à 18:36, p l a écrit :
> Hi,
> this is my problem...
> After I have started a call to a GM client, I receive video for about 1
> or 2 minutes, then it crashes (the green line of statistics falls).
> Audio continues to work perfectly instead.

Do you mean that GnomeMeeting crashes or that you don't *receive* video
anymore after a few minutes?

> The same thing occurs to my GM party. After a while, he doesn't see my
> video any more, but my transmitting video blue line is still alive.
> We have two very similar systems: Athlon 700 cpu, Philips 680K webcam,
> Matrox G400, SuSE Linux 8.1, GnomeMeeting 0.96 and a Zyxel 645R ADSL
> router.
> The Zyxel 645R has an embedded NAT/PAT that requires by example, as
> pointed out by the Zyxel's documentation, these settings (Port/IP) for
> Netmeeting:
>     for outgoing connection:  none
>     for incoming connection:  1720/client IP   -  1503/client IP
> This router would seem not to support H.323, so in GnomeMeeting I have:
>    - enabled IP translation     (otherwise only the chat works)
>    - enabled H.245 tunnelling    (if disabled, it seems to work the same
> way)
>    - enabled fast start      (otherwise the call fails)

99% of the routers that support H323 do not support Tunneling and fast
start, you should disable both of them. If you have to enable IP
translation, then your router is not configured to support NAT and that
explains the video problem, packets go out, but do not come back.

> Into the router I must have NAT equal on and therefore I have forwarded
> these ports: 1720,  5000, 5001, 5002, 5003.

If the router supports NAT, you can not forward ports.
If the router doesn't support NAT, then you have to forward the ports
like indicated in the FAQ and enable IP translation.

> I'm not able to  forward the 30000-30010 range, since the router has
> room for 8 single ports and doesn't support any range.
> What can I do?

Do things in a logical way:
- either your router support NAT, in that case, do not forward ports,
disable IP translation, fast start and tunneling
- or it does not support NAT, in that case, forward 1720, 30000-30010,
and UDP 5000-5003 and enable IP translation. If can not forward
30000-30010, but only 30000-30005, then you can do it but you have to
modify the /apps/gnomemeeting/general/tcp_port_range to 30000:30005 and
restart GM
> Thanks and regards.
> Pierluigi Contotti
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