[GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting 0.96 video crash

this is my problem...
After I have started a call to a GM client, I receive video for about 1
or 2 minutes, then it crashes (the green line of statistics falls).
Audio continues to work perfectly instead.
The same thing occurs to my GM party. After a while, he doesn't see my
video any more, but my transmitting video blue line is still alive.
We have two very similar systems: Athlon 700 cpu, Philips 680K webcam,
Matrox G400, SuSE Linux 8.1, GnomeMeeting 0.96 and a Zyxel 645R ADSL

The Zyxel 645R has an embedded NAT/PAT that requires by example, as
pointed out by the Zyxel's documentation, these settings (Port/IP) for
    for outgoing connection:  none
    for incoming connection:  1720/client IP   -  1503/client IP

This router would seem not to support H.323, so in GnomeMeeting I have:
   - enabled IP translation     (otherwise only the chat works)
   - enabled H.245 tunnelling    (if disabled, it seems to work the same
   - enabled fast start      (otherwise the call fails)

Into the router I must have NAT equal on and therefore I have forwarded
these ports: 1720,  5000, 5001, 5002, 5003.
I'm not able to  forward the 30000-30010 range, since the router has
room for 8 single ports and doesn't support any range.

What can I do?
Thanks and regards.
Pierluigi Contotti

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