Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] USB Audio Problem with 0.85.1

Hi Douglas

Thanks a lot for your reply! I have two microphones in the mixer, one
for my sound card (Advance Logic ALC650 rev 0) and one for USB. I only
have the microphone that comes whith my camera which is the USB one.
Just to be on the safe side I've maxed both volumes anyway...

Most likely I'm doing something else wrong. So, I you have any other
suggestions, please, fire away!

Best regards

On Thu, 2003-02-06 at 03:35, Douglas Solomon wrote:
> Andree Leidenfrost wrote:
> >Dear all
> >
> >I am on Debian Woody, kernel 2.4.20, ALSA 0.9.0rc7 and am using a
> >Philips ToUCam Pro. Video is working fine, the microphone is not.
> >
> >I can record from the microphone ok using rec from the sox package. My
> >device settings say:
> >Player: /dev/dsp0
> >Player Mixer: /dev/mixer
> >Recorder: /dev/dsp1
> >Recorder Mixer: /dev/mixer1
> >
> I run a KDE 3.1 desktop in Mandrake 9.0  My sound didn't work, at first. 
>  It was my bad, though:  The microphone was zeroed in my mixer app!  So, 
> do check it.  (Can't get any quicker, cheaper a fix than that! :-)
> (It only took me a couple of hours to fall into this fix.  Hope it may 
> also help you.)
> >The FAQ says under 8.2.2:
> >
> >If you don't get any error message, but that you don't hear yourself
> >with a 5 seconds delay while talking in your microphone, it means that
> >you have full-duplex problems. You can test recording with another tool
> >called "rec", if recording with this tool works, but that you don't hear
> >yourself with the 5 seconds delay using the GnomeMeeting configuration
> >druid, it proves the full-duplex problem. If recording with that tool
> >doesn't work either, then you have to check your installation again, and
> >possibly your cables.
> >
> >So, using rec works fine but the microphone in gnomemeeting does not.
> >Consequently, according to the FAQ, I'm suffering from the full-duplex
> >problem. But recorder and player are on different devices. I am at a
> >total loss. Maybe I just don't get it...
> >
> >If someone could point me in the right direction, that would be really,
> >really great!
> >
> >Best regards
> >Andree
> >  
> >
Andree Leidenfrost
Sydney - Australia

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