[GnomeMeeting-list] ILS regregistration

> That happens when your IP changes. You are
> registered with a given IP, and somebody with
> another IP can not change your attributes or
> delete them, for obvious security reasons.

My big issue is the lack of network reliability,
the fact I get thrown off my ISP regularly. I am
not worried about security since, people will have
trouble forging my voice even if they register as
me. It would seem that you could verify that the
host that was registered was still active, if a
new IP tries to register as the same user.  If I
was registered and do not respond to a ping then
you could use the new IP information.

> When your IP changes, there is no way to detect
> it is still you trying to update your
> information, so the server ignores it. You then
> have to wait 20 minutes for the entry to be
> autodeleted.

Can we get a better error message? My log tells me
that I was successfully registered, not that the
server ignored my registration attempt.  If I knew
what was going on I would have choices to fix it.

Probably the best I can do, besides waiting 20
minutes to register, on my end is to register as a
different user with a similar name.  This
means that I will have several personas that I use
for registration and I would wish that the
gnomemeeting client would remind me which one I
was using.

> Notice we are looking for solutions on the ILS
> side. We are keeping it only for Netmeeting
> compatibility, but it is really not something
> good.  For example, half of the people who
> register there are registered only for testing,
> and most of the time, they are unreachable.

I am not really sure what this means? If they are
unreachable why keep their registrations active?


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