Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Feature Request

That's a nice feature request. You can currently already install openmcu
on a remote machine and use it for test.

The reason why we do not provide such a thing is that it would use a lot
of bandwidth if all gnomemeeting users start using it for testing. Also
imagine the CPU load with 100 users connected...

You understand it now, the reason why it doesn't exist is because it
wouldn't scale or believe me, there would already be one since a long

Le mar 30/12/2003 à 18:33, Ken Estes a écrit :
> Here is a request for a new debugging feature
> though I can not believe that I am the first to
> think of it.  
> Can you set up robots on a server to perform
> loopback calls similar to the audio tests in the
> configuration druid? I would like to be able to
> call to a bot which is always on line and be able
> to test my audio and network configuration
> together. When the bot picks up the call all it
> does is forward back my audio/video with a 5 second
> delay just like the druid test config. Similarly
> you could have a bot which calls you right back
> when you disconnect so that you can check that you
> are able to receive incoming connections.
> This would ensure that I could get test calls when
> I need them and that the calls were performed
> with a configuration which was known to work.  If
> the logs from the server side of this test change
> were available on a website somewhere then I would
> have an easier time diagnosing my firewall/network
> issues.
> It might even be possible to put put the server
> bots and the gnomemeeting client into a "debug"
> state and have them test the network connection
> together.  If they can go through the ports in a
> well defined order then they can create a useful
> "network report" about what is working and not
> working on my network. This would allow me to
> quickly see if some ports are blocked or some
> protocols are not getting through.
> Ken
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