Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] ILS regregistration

Le mar 30/12/2003 à 20:43, Ken Estes a écrit :
> My big issue is the lack of network reliability,
> the fact I get thrown off my ISP regularly. I am
> not worried about security since, people will have
> trouble forging my voice even if they register as
> me. It would seem that you could verify that the

That's not the problem, the main problem is to prevent anyone from
deleting others on the ILS.

> host that was registered was still active, if a
> new IP tries to register as the same user.  If I
> was registered and do not respond to a ping then
> you could use the new IP information.

I don't think the server would support the load if it had to ping all
users to see if they are alive or not.

> Can we get a better error message? My log tells me
> that I was successfully registered, not that the

Yes, that's a known bug on which Paul is working.

> server ignored my registration attempt.  If I knew
> what was going on I would have choices to fix it.
> Probably the best I can do, besides waiting 20
> minutes to register, on my end is to register as a
> different user with a similar name.  This
> means that I will have several personas that I use
> for registration and I would wish that the
> gnomemeeting client would remind me which one I
> was using.

I'm not sure I understand this.

> > Notice we are looking for solutions on the ILS
> > side. We are keeping it only for Netmeeting
> > compatibility, but it is really not something
> > good.  For example, half of the people who
> > register there are registered only for testing,
> > and most of the time, they are unreachable.
> I am not really sure what this means? If they are
> unreachable why keep their registrations active?

We need a system to do that, indeed. That is also being worked on.
However you have to understand something :
1) I'm working on gnomemeeting in my spare time and I'm not paid for it
2) I concentrate my efforts on gnomemeeting itself

So please don't be "overdemanding" because I can not manage everything.
If you want to enhance the ILS server, I can send you the code.


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