Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting and win32

Le Jeudi 18 Décembre 2003 23:24, Carsten Breuer a écrit :
> Im currently thinking about to port Gnomemeeting to wxWindows
> and during a view to the source i have seen that there are
> allready compiler switches for win32.

Dear Carsten,

If you plan to use wxWindows, please consider using the 2.5.1 unstable branch 
from CVS, which links against GTK2 and offer much cleaner widgets along with 
Unicode support. The wxWindows 2.4.1 stable branch is based on GTK1 and thus 
a little bit deprecated (no Unicode).

There is a forthcoming partnership of wxWindows with Borland. IMHO, it may be 
more interesting to port GTK2 under Windows than to rely on a company.


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