Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] GM won't let me use /dev/sound/adsp

Le dim 21/12/2003 à 19:10, Nick THOMPSON a écrit :
> In the audio devices settings of GM (0.98.5), only /dev/sound/dsp is
> shown in the device list. Since I'm now using ALSA (0.9.6) I need to use
> the /dev/sound/adsp device. Why won't it detect this device?

/dev/sound/adsp is not an OSS device.

Don't confuse using native ALSA and using ALSA with OSS emulation. If
you are using ALSA with OSS emulation, then the /dev/sound/dsp device is
created and managed by the ALSA OSS compatibility layer. /dev/sound/adsp
is only there for native ALSA, which you can not use with GnomeMeeting
0.98.5 (native ALSA support is only working with CVS).

> I'm using KDE if it make a difference. As I was using OSS and everything
> was okay; maybe I should not have the /dev/sound/dsp device any more
> (I'm no ALSA expert) and I've no idea what mixer device I should be

It is there for compatibility with OSS applications. The mixer to use is
the first one. (/dev/mixer most probably)

> using. I had to switch to ALSA as my Philips webcam insist on it.
> Everything else works great BTW.
> Thanks,
> Nick.
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