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Damien Sandras wrote:
Le jeu 18/12/2003 à 16:30, info a écrit :

18 Декабрь 2003 12:30, Damien Sandras написал:

It will be possible the day where GNOME and KDE will both
adopt a good sound daemon. Currently, the only possibility is
to create a virtual DMIX ALSA soundcard (check their doc, I
never tried), and to use that virtual soundcard as output for
all programs. That will transparently work with all

OK. I'l try it and then send you report. But it will not be soon: I need some time for reading docs in English... -:) But what will do peoples who used no ALSA, but OSS, kernel-builtin threated OSS, etc?

OSS is dead and deprecated from linux 2.6

No I use OSS right now under 2.6 :)

There is an option in artsd to make it release the dsp
soundcard when it is not used.

I know, but default release time in KDE is 60 seconds. It's too long for ansvering for calls, and low-level users (who migrated to Linux from Win and know only office tools like OpenOffice etc.) will never guess to do this...

If you don't want to kill applications - maybe, it's possible to force releasing of coundcards with forcing of temporary "slieeping" another applications for the call-answer period?

Same problem, that is not a good behavior for evident reasons that I
won't list here...


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